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Welcome to Speak German like a Native, your pronunciation masterclass for the German language. I'm so glad to have you here on the course. Together, we will discover how to improve your German accent, pronunciation and speaking confidence.

Why does pronunciation matter so much?

Good pronunciation matters to you as an independent learner. In my book Fluency Made Achievable, I outlined the four core skills of language learning: listening, reading, speaking and writing. When you look at them closely, you will realise that pronunciation is one of the threads that keep all these skills together.

Improving how you understand the connections between spelling and pronunciation will not just make you a better speaker.

It also helps you develop superior writing skills. What you will learn in this course is going to boost your listening comprehension, making you a better conversationalist.

In short, my aim is to flat out help you achieve fluency. I believe that you can get there quicker than you ever planned. In my own experience, the faster you develop great pronunciation, the faster you will be able to speak German like a Native.

How can you practice your speaking skills right now?

The benefit of taking this course will stay with you way beyond the finish line. Join our practice group on Soundcloud, get to know fellow course takers and enjoy reviewing the content whenever you like.

And finally, don't forget that speaking your language to real people is an absolutely essential component of your journey. If you want to be successful, you simply have to find a language exchange partner or language tutor.

The next email will kick off your learning journey in this course by focusing on setting an achievable goal.

By the way, if you want to reach me all you have to do is reply to this email or find me on Twitter or send an email to I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!